Optical module plugged into the switch network card does not respond how to deal with?

According to the feedback from customers,how should we analyze and solve the problem of incompatible or unusable switches and optical modules?This article proposes the following solutions to this problem.

First,the fiber optic patch cord with the problem

If the optical module inserted into the switch card does not respond,you can check whether the fiber optic patch cord and optical modules are compatible,single-mode optical modules need to be used with single-mode fiber,while multimode optical modules need to be used with multimode fiber,single-mode fiber is yellow,while multimode fiber is orange,lake blue or purple.

Second,compatibility issues

If the fiber optic patch cord with the correct also can not be used,it is necessary to consider whether the optical module is written to the brand equipment compatibility code,which we can consult the manufacturer,if the equipment has been written to the brand compatibility code,but also can not function properly,this problem may be the latest model of the machine,write the compatibility code can only be used in the old model machine,then we need to find the new model machine compatibility code.

Therefore,the problem of incompatibility between old and new switches and optical modules is something that needs attention in wiring.The above is the solution proposed for the optical module is not compatible with the switch network card and other equipment,for more knowledge about optical modules,you can turn to previous articles yo.

Optical Modules

Optical Module Receiver

optical transceiver



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