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In the previous article,we learned about the power of those commonly used home appliances in RVs,and today we will discuss the power generation principle of RV solar panels.

RV use of solar energy is mainly through the solar panels laid on the roof of the car to absorb sunlight,and then through the inverter into the daily use of AC power.The direct output of solar power is generally 12VDC,24VDC,48VDC,to provide electrical power to 220VAC appliances,the DC power emitted by the solar power system needs to be converted into AC power,so the DC-AC inverter needs to be used.In some occasions,when multiple voltage loads are needed,DC-DC inverters are also used,such as converting 24VDC electrical energy into 5VDC electrical energy.

The converted power can be used directly or stored in the battery for emergencies.

In addition,the power generation capacity of RV solar panels mainly depends on the size of the area.

1,the installation of solar modules,not simply installed casually can be,you need to calculate how many watts of solar modules you need according to your caravan electrical power,and then according to how many days you probably need power reserves to calculate how much battery you need,and then also to see how many calculated components can meet the needs of the roof area,whether the design is reasonable,and then improve.

2,take Iveco and the new generation for example,these two cars roof length and width are about 3.5*1.8m,basically can be installed between 500-2500 watts of solar modules,it is worth noting that more than 750 watts of solar panels can not be laid flat,because the roof is not so large area,but also need to be folded design.

3,for the installation of solar modules,it should be noted that:firstly,can not step on;secondly,can not have a shadow cover;

4,the conditions allow,the side glass of the caravan can be customized all-glass components,so that not only does not affect the caravan lighting and can generate electricity,killing two birds with one stone,but the cost will be higher.

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