What are the elements to consider when purchasing an optical module?

With the rapid development of the communication industry and domestic and international data centers,the demand for optical modules has increased dramatically.In addition to the original optical modules of equipment vendors,there are also third-party optical module manufacturers,so how should we choose optical modules?

When we choose optical modules,in addition to considering the type of optical modules,we also need to consider their cost performance.According to these two points,we will separately elaborate.First of all,the type of optical module selection,we have to do according to the type of equipment port and the transmission distance and compatibility to make a choice,if it is a Gigabit SFP port then you need to use Gigabit SFP optical module,and then according to the distance between the two ends of the device to determine the transmission distance,short-distance transmission can use multimode optical module,and long-distance transmission to use single-mode optical module,single-mode optical module can usually reach the farthest transmission distance of tens of kilometers.

If there is already a cabling system,you need to choose the interface type of the optical module according to the type of interface on the fiber optic distribution frame,for example,the original is SC connector,gigabit network can use SC interface gigabit optical module.Finally,the compatibility of the optical module should be considered.Different brands of switches are encrypted during transmission,so they need to be compatible with the optical module of that switch brand before optical transmission can be carried out.

Next,let’s talk about the cost,the brand original optical module is more expensive,so many customers will choose a third-party compatible optical module to save costs,for the choice of compatible optical module quality and compatibility is reliable,the following will list a few factors for your reference.

1,look at the warranty time,the general brand original optical module warranty for 1 year,while the compatible optical module warranty time of more than 3 years.

2,for the compatibility of optical modules,there are many optical module manufacturers do not have many brands of switch models,resulting in the factory optical modules can not be compatible with the real machine test.Professional optical module manufacturers in order to ensure that the optical module in each brand switch can operate normally,the factory will be 100%through the real machine test optical module compatibility.

3,for the quality of optical modules,we can hardly see through the appearance,can only be run on the machine for a period of time to see its operating conditions and then an assessment of the quality of its manufacturers,so the quality assessment of optical module manufacturers is a relatively long process,we may wish to test several compatible optical module products,through the comparison of the most cost-effective compatible optical module suppliers.

4,in the purchase of optical modules,pre-sales and after-sales service is very important,we can indirectly reflect the professional level of this company through the sales docking with the manufacturer,according to its degree of sales professionalism.In the purchase of optical modules is not only to talk about price,but also to understand the product-related knowledge.Optical modules are not FMCG products,and need to be carefully considered when buying and selling,and the subsequent problems will be very troublesome,so you must consult clearly before selling.

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