Characteristics and connection scheme of 100g qsfp28 Er4 optical module

The 100g qsfp28 optical module has the characteristics of high density and low power consumption.It can not only meet the current network requirements,but also prepare for future network expansion.It is an ideal optical module solution for large data centers.Its standards are mainly defined by IEEE and MSA,among which IEEE defines Sr4,LR4,Er4 and Zr4 standards.In this issue,etu-link will talk about the 100g qsfp28 Er4 optical module.

The 100g qsfp28 Er4 optical module complies with the qsfp MSA,IEEE 802.3ba,100gbase-er4 lite and otu4 standards.”Er”means extended reach.Before the optical signal passes through the APD photodetector,SOA amplification is used to realize 40km ultra long distance transmission through single-mode optical fiber.WDM multiplexing wavelength division technology is adopted,with the wavelength of 1295.56-1309.14,LC duplex connector is used,with DDM,100g Ethernet and otu4 are supported,and the power consumption is less than 3.8W under the working temperature of 0-70℃,which meets the requirements of green energy saving in the data center.

However,the BER requirements of 100g qsfp28 Er4 are better than 1e-12 optical modules without FEC front-end error correction function.However,the existing APD technology can not meet its reception sensitivity.In addition,the SOA volume is too large for qsfp28 packaging.Therefore,many optical module manufacturers in the industry define non-standard 100g base Er4 Lite optical modules in qsfp28 packaging.When FEC is not used,the maximum transmission distance can reach 30km.

working principle:

The 100g qsfp28 Er4 optical module can work in four LAN WDM bands of 1295nm,1300nm,1305nm and 1310nm.The optical signals on these four bands are multiplexed by WDM and then transmitted on the single-mode optical fiber through the industrial standard LC connector.At the receiving end,the SOA can amplify the signal before the WDM demultiplexer decomposes the signal into a single channel.

Connection scheme:

Qsfp28 Er4 optical module is the best choice to realize 40km 100g long-distance transmission of enterprises or data centers,whether it is directly connected or interconnected.

1.Direct connection scheme:

Qsfp28 Er4 supports 100g direct connection,and the maximum transmission distance can reach 40km.Just plug two 100g qsfp28 Er4 modules into the 100g switch port,and then connect them with one LC duplex single-mode jumper,providing an economical and applicable solution for the long-distance application of 100ge ports between machine rooms.

2.Data center interconnection scheme:

The 100g qsfp28 Er4 optical module is also suitable for connecting data centers located in different geographical locations,supporting long-distance high-speed interconnection between 100g data centers.It is a convenient and economical interconnection scheme.

At present,in the market of 100g Er4,the application is evolving towards miniaturization and low power consumption.The optical modules produced by etu-link are guaranteed in quality and enjoy a 3-year effective warranty.Please feel free to choose.We are a professional optical module manufacturer.The above is all about the 100g qsfp28 Er4 optical module in this issue.For more information,please refer to previous articles.

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100g qsfp28 optical module




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