Convert PDF document to word document

People in the workplace inevitably encounter a lot of work related to PDF documents.Because they are not used to using PDF editing software for editing,or for some other reasons,they hope to convert PDF to word before editing.But many times,the effect of converting to word is not satisfactory,especially for some column layout,or PDF documents with a large number of tables and pictures,it still needs to spend a lot of manual modification after converting to word,which is very inefficient.

Others want to transfer out good results is very simple,the premise is that you find a good tool.It is suggested that you can try this PDF document editor,which can not only annotate and edit,but also the newly launched conversion function is very easy to use,and the conversion quality is really good.Whether it is column layout or PDF documents with a large number of charts,UPDF can be converted into word documents with high fidelity,improving the efficiency of post editing.

There are three different modes for converting PDF document editor to word,and each mode corresponds to different effects to meet the needs of different users.

1.Keep streaming text mode.In the editing mode of word,the page layout,columns,formats and graphics of the original document are preserved,and the text flow is preserved.The following figure:

The word document transferred out by retaining the streaming text mode not only retains the page layout of the original document,but also adapts to the editing mode of word to a great extent,which is suitable for most of the needs of transferring to word.

2.Keep page layout mode.Restore only the page layout,columns,formatting,graphics,and text of the original document.The following figure:

Keep the page layout mode,ignore the typesetting of the original PDF document,only maintain the most basic content order,and convert the column text to single column text mode at the same time.This mode is suitable for the needs of re typesetting or quick copy of text and pictures.

3.Precise layout mode.Use the text box style in word to restore the exact page effect.The following figure:

The word transferred from the precise layout mode ensures the accuracy of the original document layout to the greatest extent,and all words are reproduced in the text box mode.It is a good choice for scenes that need to retain the layout and only replace the text content or pictures.

In addition to converting PDF to word,the PDF document editor also has functions such as PDF to PPT,PDF to excel,PDF to CSV,PDF to RTF,PDF to text,PDF to XML,PDF to HTML and PDF to pictures.The conversion of pictures supports the vast majority of picture formats at present.

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